How to Avoid Pissing Off Google

September 03, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Remember Mobilegeddon, the mobile friendly update that freaked everyone out? 

We sure do.

The harsh reality is that Google is still monitoring your content and ranking it based on their algorithm. Making sure all your content is mobile friendly and aligns with Google’s standards is essential.

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Announcing The Future of Digital Webinar

September 02, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

60% of all online activities are completed using mobile devices.

What does this mean?

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News Outlets and Advertising - Who is Winning the Battle? Not you.

August 31, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Ironically enough, news applications are dominating the news. More and more readers are accessing their news via apps and social media platforms. Though the new places to find information are endless, publishers are facing the issue of losing control over their content once it starts getting outsourced to different outlets, especially in terms of advertising.

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Seamless Video with GTxcel for Wordpress

August 27, 2015 by William StaleyLeave a Comment

So it seems we’ve come full circle.  Back in the days of advertising yore, if you wanted to get your brand seen you would need to put it somewhere where it could be read, or at the very least, where people could see the pretty pictures associated with your products.  These ads were strewn across newspapers or plastered around town on posters for all to see.

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Three Ways a Great Technology Platform Can Solve Your Problems

August 25, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

It’s true that having good content isn’t enough anymore - to stand out in the sea of information, you need to make sure you’re reaching your audience, and that your content is accessible on every device. The question is, how? 

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Apple News No Match for GTxcel

August 24, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Apple News: everyone is excited, terrified, or both. Regardless of opinion, Apple News is a force that many news outlets are preparing themselves for. Facebook is already working on a new app for news, despite the fact that Apple News has yet to be released.

Do you want 53% more views on ads?

August 21, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Hubspot released a study on the state of digital publishing and the facts speak for themselves: native advertising is widely popular, completely necessary, and is being used more and more by publishers. Trends show an increase in use within the next six months.

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The Truth About Responsive Design

August 20, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Responsive design: it can make or break your publication in this digital world. This sounds scary at first, but don’t let the fancy terminology fool you – responsive design ultimately translates to mobile friendly.

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Offline Ad Support with GTxcel is Here: Don't Waste Time with Adobe DPS

August 19, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

GTxcel brings you the offline support that Adobe DPS and Mag+ can’t. The mobile advertising world is booming. Your offline support for your advertisements needs to be just as good as your online support. The good news? GTxcel can provide this better than any other digital media solution, especially with FlexAds for Turnstyle.

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Mobile Video: The Next Big Thing

August 18, 2015 by Shannon SmithLeave a Comment

Mobile advertising is expected be worth more than $100 billion by 2016 and claim 51% of the digital market. Of that, mobile video ad spend is valued at $31.9 billion. It’s safe to say that mobile video is where publishers should direct their attention, and GTxcel can help.

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